Clinical Integration of Healthcare Supply Chain


Clinical Integration In Healthcare
Supply Chain.

Areas of Focus

Value Analysis Design

Traditional Value Analysis is focused upon contracting and standardization to reduce costs, finding ways to limit the variation of products and reducing waste.  Regardless of your current understanding or state of value analysis let’s explore enhancements that can be accomplished.


As an industry recognized expert in the area of Value Analysis allow me to inform your audience in regards to the value analysis continuum.  Whether it is Value Analysis 101 or advanced approaches to drive value beyond price, I have the knowledge and passion to inspire and enhance your understanding of ways to drive incremental value in healthcare.

Transformation & Insights

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome provides no value.  It is time for healthcare supply chain to collaborate with clinicians and suppliers to drive significant incremental value through the transformation of traditional value analysis.  Let’s work together to develop a reversed approach starting with clinical practice, quality, evidence and information to standardize procedures and technologies.


Training / Coaching / Mentoring

Through decades of establishing, enhancing and managing value analysis teams let me assist in the training, coaching or mentoring of individuals or teams regarding value analysis.  Regardless of your current state there is always opportunity for learning and sharing of new ideas and innovations. 


Through the delivery of information and facilitation of case studies you will participate in life exercises focused upon driving value beyond price.  How do we engage one another in an innovative way to better understand the challenges, needs and desired results to reduce costs while we improve outcomes, both clinical as well as financial.

Advanced approach - value beyond Expense

When we fail to consider clinical evidence as a first step, there is the potential to make decisions that may ultimately compromise patient health and safety. In the worst-case scenario, patients experience serious side effects or die. In other cases, the use of a new technology adds substantial costs without delivering measurable improvements in patient outcomes or operational efficiencies.  Let’s consider innovative ways to provide new technologies that drive value beyond price. 

Interim Management

With massive pressures to drive value and reduce costs, allow me to provide interim management while enhancing current process and accomplishing savings.  While serving we will identify the best internal resources to assume the responsibility to fulfill roles and sustain value. 


With over two decades of consulting experience we will provide analysis of current state, the cultural needs of your organization and collaboratively determine the strategic vision of future state.  Providers and Suppliers both benefit for consultative service to improve efficiency and drive greater outcome. 

Evidence Based Value Analysis

Let me help you rethink the traditional value analysis process. Start with clinical practice based upon evidence and then move on to other sources of information. Learn to collaborate with existing clinical quality and practice committees.  By providing a combination of evidence plus information, we’ll be able to identify technologies, services, and interventions that offer the greatest clinical value. Moreover, we’ll be better able to meet fiscal and clinical quality targets.